A bird bath is an attractive alternative and if you incorporate a dripper or other means to agitate the water the sound will attract the birds. They need high energy foods during this time with high fat content. Attracting Finches To Your Garden Many people love to see finches in their gardens and it is easy to attract these lovely birds if you provide their favorite food. They will enjoy chopped up apples and pears, grapes and bananas. Some wild birds, such as treecreepers and wrens are insect feeders so will not be interested in the foods you provide on your bird table or feeder. Fruit can also be put out for the fruit loving birds. If you place a small heater or agitator in the bird bath to keep it ice free the birds will have a source of fresh water all year round. The seeds are tiny and thistle feeders enclose the seeds in a mesh which finches, with their long beaks, can easily reach through. Seeds spilled ion the ground will also attract predators such as squirrels.
You could also put out some sunflower or millet seeds on your bird table as finches also enjoy these. Commercially prepared thistle seeds have been treated to prevent germination. Some wild birds, including thrushes and chaffinches are more likely to search beneath bird tables for food. You can also buy specially prepared summer mixes for insect eating wild birds. If your garden borders on woods you may have woodpeckers, marsh tits, coal tits and nuthatches visiting your bird feeders. These types of feeder also prevent the tiny seeds from dropping to the ground which would be a problem if you placed thistle seeds in a conventional feeder designed for larger seeds. During the summer do not put out fat, bread or peanuts as they Umbrella Bases Suppliers can be taken back to the nest and harm the baby birds. This can be as simple as a shallow pan of water on the ground but make sure you replace it regularly.Sparrows, blackbirds, starlings, great tits, robins, doves, greenfinches and blue tits are the wild birds you are most likely to see in your garden in the UK. Home made fat balls are also a bad idea in the hotter months as they will become rancid very quickly.
 This is particularly valuable in the winter months when water can be a problem for the birds. These will then attract the insects that are insect eating birds food. In the winter feeding is especially helpful as natural food sources may be scarce. Wild birds belonging to the thrush species such as fieldfares, mistle thrushes, song thrushes and redwings love fruits and berries so add these to your bird table to attract them. Place the bird bath in a quiet area of the garden away from your bird feeders as wild birds need quiet when they bath. . Feeding Wild Birds in Throughout the Year Wild birds require different nutrients depending on the season.
To attract these birds let an area of your garden grow wild with native plants and flowers. Feed them twice a day and remove any uneaten food regularly. If you would like to attract any particular species you can encourage them to visit your garden by providing their favorite food. They also prefer a place underneath branches or other perches for a quick escape route from any lurking cats or other predators. In the spring and summer they will need high protein foods such as raisins, seeds, mealworms, sunflower seeds etc. Finches love thistle seeds which are best placed in a specialised thistle feeder. Provide Fresh Water for The Birds You can also attract wild birds by giving them a source of fresh water or bathing and drinking.